We have been in the painting business for over two decades and the first deck we stained was our own. To our amazement, this was quite a job. From then on we knew that there was need for this service.

After more than twenty years in the St. Louis area, we are still pressure washing and preserving decks using the same method that we used on that first deck. This involves meticulously hand brushing and using only the finest stains and solid stains.

Our attention to detail is unending. We use plenty of drop cloths, all hand brushing (no spraying) and sharp brushed edges. All these things set us apart from the rest.

There will be no stain on your siding, windows, or concrete. Our customers love our service and repeat, referral work is very high. We were once told that we were very passionate about this business. If you live in the St. Louis area and your home is in need of deck service or have other painting needs, please consider giving us a try. We always have free estimates.

We believe our work and customer referrals speak for themselves and that you will not be disappointed.


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