Brushing vs. Spraying a Deck: We would like to take a moment to explain why brushing a deck, as opposed to spraying, is so important. It is very difficult to control spraying a deck. We’ve all seen sprayed decks with stain all over the siding, windows, running down the posts, and terrible puddling. What a mess!! Put quite simply, when a contractor brings a sprayer out, it’s not for your benefit, but his. He is concerned with getting finished quicker and not as concerned about neatness. Not only that, stain is much thinner than paint and can get airborne on a windy day, raising the threat of damage by drifting spray on your neighbor’s home and/or vehicles. Be forewarned about so-called contractors that spray decks!

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New Cedar Deck Misconception: New decks should be treated two to three weeks after being constructed. It is not necessary to wait long periods of time to let the wood dry out. In fact, according to the Department of Forestry, new cedar should be protected or treated as soon as possible after construction. One to two weeks of drying is sufficient. Letting a deck go untreated for two to four months can cause detriment to the wood.

Cedar Deck Floors: Cedar deck floors should be kept clean in between the boards, letting the floor drain water and breathe. Leaves and bird feeders can cause major problems for floors by clogging pores between the boards. The solution is to run a butter knife between the floor boards to open up and let them drain. Then keep floor clean during the fall season. This will add life to your deck.

Citronella Candles: When you purchase citronella candles, do not buy candles that are in pottery. The pottery will crack under intense heat and leak wax and oil on the deck. A tin or aluminum base candle works much better.

Plants on Deck: We all love plants on our decks, but what can be done about that spot that shows up under the plant pot at the end of the season? Now you can purchase a plant pot caddy with three small wheels at the base. You can now move your plants around every couple of weeks. Even if you just leave them in the same spot, the wheels on the caddy keep the plant elevated so drainage can occur.

Boaring Bees: These are a very common problem. This bee looks like a yellow jacket. It boars or drills holes in the side facia and underside of older existing decks. Usually, an exterminator can spray and take care of this. When the bee boars into the board, it lays its larva inside. In some cases, woodpeckers will then peck and tear up the deck to get to the larva, causing even greater damage. It is advisable to take care of this as soon as you notice the bees.

Snow: Sweep or use a plastic shovel to remove snow. This prevents damage to the deck that may be caused by a steel shovel.


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